Handmade Wooden Gifts

Thoughtfully handcrafted stylish honest wooden gifts we have here at Handmade Factory, make us really feel all these good vibes of organic eco-friendly materials. Wood is absolutely magnificent material to work with: it's warm, it's good smelling and it's long-lasting. Plus, we treat all our bowls and plates, trays and serving boards with natural linseed oil food-safe finisher.

Enjoy the spacious space to carry everything you need. Trays can hold plates and drinks. Our high-quality board is a great way to serve your favorite drinks and snacks at a cocktail party or serve tea, coffee and breakfast in bed. Plates and bowls are great for fruits or snacks. Beautiful home decor gifts.

Great gift idea for married couples at their 5 Year Wood Anniversary, your mother and father, husband and wife, loved ones, friends and for you, of course.