5 Handmade Father's Day Gift Ideas

Every year on the third Sunday of June, part of the world celebrates Father's Day. This holiday has gained popularity in North America (USA and Canada), Western Europe (France, Great Britain), Asia (India, Japan, China) and some other countries.

Fathers usually often do not have enough time for themselves. Because of this, you might think that dads love to use old wallets or belts from a young age, but this is not quite that. Passing through life, parents have enough experience to recognize high quality things, but they need to look for them, which dads sometimes don't have enough time for.

 Anyway, Father's Day is another great opportunity to show how thankful you are. In this article we will help you choose a high quality gift for him.


Pay attention to which wallet the father uses. Pay attention to which wallet the father uses. Is it a high-quality convenient accessory or an old wallet that he just wears?

Having presented a handmade wallet, you can not only add a portion of comfort to his life, but also invest emotions in it. For example, select the color or model that he likes and add the initials, date or short message. Believe me, a wallet, presented by a son, daughter or wife, made by hand specifically for the father, with all the attention to details with a simple heart symbol in the inner corner, will be the best and most beloved accessory that dad will use daily.

Therefore, we advise you to choose a model based on the preferences of your father in clothes and in general according to his style. If he likes the classic, you should take a closer look at these:


This is the most common wallet model which can easily carry a good stack of banknotes and 6-8 credit cards.

And here is more minimalist wallet with metal rivets instead of threads, its best for “cowboy” dads:



This accessory will never be superfluous in a men's wardrobe. Here you must choose the color that suits his clothes best (usually classic brown, black or natural beige) and size.

To choose a durable belt, pay attention to the leather which it is made of. Thick vegetable tanned leather belts are considered to be the best and most reliable. Thanks to the ancient eco-friendly method of processing, vegetable tanned leather retains its natural properties. It has an incredible smell, its fibers remain dense and, as a result, strong, but over time they mix and take the desired shape. Vegetable tanned leather belts are easier to care for and can last for decades.

Here you can find the classic model with different width parameters:


There is one more Belt we are eager to present - Quick Release Belt. It owes its origins to the firemen of London during the "Great Fire of London" back in 1666. The belt buckle is designed at our workshop with respect to its initial design and each buckle is cast from bronze. It was created for firemen of London so that they could easily take off their pants in case they caught fire.  

quick release belt quick release leather belt

All belts are made exclusively of vegetable tanned leather and accessories made of durable brass, which do not rust and do not cause allergies.


There are men who love organization in everything from personal time to the desktop. Such people know what they want, and for them everything should be in place. Our organization trays are ideal for this type parents.

We have two main sizes, depending on your needs. A small one:


And here is a large Tray:

 leather valet tray desk organizer

Made from thick vegetable tanned belt leather with sturdy brass fittings, they can complement a desktop in the office or office and add a little organization to the little things that are always lost somewhere. If you apply a personalization or message on the tray, it will add a little intimacy to the gift and make it more personal.


Who said men don't like fashion accessories? What about a bow tie, which is made of beautiful vegetable tanned leather and decorated with authentic ornaments.

Especially for those parents who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, who wear shirts and suits, who know how to choose their clothes and accessories, you should choose something like our bow tie:


If your husband or father knows how to surprise you, then try to surprise him by giving something really unusual. He will appreciate it.


They say, if you want to do something bad, do it right. If a man understands cigars - he knows how to enjoy the moment and knows the price of this pleasure. It will probably be difficult to surprise such a person with something related to the world of cigars, but you can try.

Especially for such connoisseurs, we've created a Case that can hold up to three cigars. With the ability to choose a color and add a personalized inscription, it can be a gift that will surprise even a famous esthete:

leather handmade cigar case handmade personalized leather cigar case


So that was our Top 5 of handmade and personalized gift ideas for Father's Day:

1. Wallet
2. Belt
3. Valet Tray
4. Bow Tie
5. Cigar Case

And remember about the most important Gift you can possibly do - your time spent together with your dad, words of love you can tell. Thank him for the things he does for you. He will be very pleased to hear this, although he may not say so. That's what he is, father.

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